Sport and Wellness Nutrition
Personalised Nutritional Advice
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Aim to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria within the gut - what does that mean?
Caffeine and performance

If you’ve followed all the training plans and you’re looking for that extra ‘edge’ it’s tempting to seek out the ‘magic bullet’ that will take those last few seconds off your pace.

Approaches to make your weight loss permanent.

Russell-Price Sport and Wellness Nutrition

Personalised nutritional advice for
    Health and prevention against disease
    Sport and exercise performance     

    Weight management


    Who are we

    Based near Buckingham, Russell-Price Sport and Wellness Nutrition is run by Mary and provides individually tailored consultations and nutrition solutions. 
    For enquiries and/or to book a free initial consultation:
    Contact via email
    Other services include group talks and sports performance testing (body composition measurements, lactate and heart rate thresholds).


    What to expect

    Your initial consultation will enable us to discuss your goals and to outline the type of analysis and advice that I can provide, before you need to commit to any payment.
    At Russell-Price I don’t give you a universal diet sheet that’s designed to suit everyone, nor will I sell you any miracle products.
    Instead we’ll work together on the analysis of your current diet and lifestyle, in order to make simple changes which will enable you to achieve your goals.

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