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Healthy Eating Messages ?
5 a day
Fruit and vegetables
Does it matter which fruits or vegetables?
How big is a 5 a day portion?
Can I count fruit juice?
Won't a big salad cover all 5 portions?
When is 5 not enough?
Eat oily fish
Butter, margarine and vegetable oils - same or different?
Saturated, unsaturated, poly and mono and omega oils and fats...
What's the difference?
Why does it matter?
Sugars and starches
Are they good or bad?
Do we really need them?
High carb and low/no carb diets. 

Eating for Health and Wellness
Are you bombarded by healthy eating messages but don’t see how to apply them within your busy lifestyle? 
Perhaps you are unsure what it is that ‘healthy eating’ means or you are just confused by the sheer number of do’s and don’t’s for healthy eating.
Have you wondered about the pro's and con's of pre-biotics and pro-biotics?
Come to Russell-Price to find a way through the fog with a practical and feasible plan for you and your situation.
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All that you need to know is out there on the web, but that is a vast amount of information to sift through.
We will look at your lifestyle, your preferences and your goals in order to build your plan.

Food Allergies
If you have dietary restrictions you might find it more difficult to eat healthily whilst avoiding problem foods.
Talk to Russell-Price for a manageable healthy eating plan tailored to you as an individual.

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