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Fasting diets
Have you wondered if fasting is for you?  Check out the blog article to understand some of the pro's and con's.
 To Diet or not to Diet?
Make your diet work for you
A multitude of diet plans, pills and supplements is available in shops and on line, but do they work?
We can show you some commonsense tips for modifying your everyday diet to help you manage your weight in the longer term.
 Weight Gain
Build lean tissue
Do you need to put on weight, for sport or health reasons?
    Weight Management    
Have you exhausted all the latest diets and classes – you just want a long term solution?
There’s no doubt that weight management is a hot topic.  Whatever your motivation, you need a plan that fits with you and with your lifestyle.  You may have a partner or a family to feed, a demanding job, irregular hours, a specific weight target to meet. 
Your plan
We will look at your usual diet and discuss how to make simple substitutions to help maintain, lose or gain weight. 
I will design a plan that is specific to you and that will provide a lasting solution.
Exercise is a key part of your strategy in weight management, but you don't have to be sporty to exercise.
We will talk about realistic amounts of exercise to support your goals and to suit your lifestyle.

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