Monthly Archives: January 2013

Beware of the silent calories

If ‘going on a diet’ sounds like a step too far, you may be able to reduce your calorie intake less painfully by cutting down on some of the worst offenders, the foods (and drinks) that are loaded with calories but don’t satisfy or fill you up for very long.

Replace those silent calories with some lower calorie alternatives, and increase your activity levels, and soon you could be losing excess weight steadily and permanently.

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Motor Racing Nutrition

A motor racing driver needs to be strong and aerobically fit.  Healthy eating and a good nutritional plan are an essential platform for ongoing training and for racing.

The single most important nutritional factor for race day is hydration; without adequate hydration, concentration levels will fall.  In addition, a well thought out plan for pre-race meals and post-race recovery will provide optimum energy levels and minimise the impacts of travelling and long weekend events.

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Vegetarian Runners

Looking at the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet for runners – it’s clear that there’s no reason to think that veggies are disadvantaged.
There are well-established health benefits associated with vegetarian diets.  The critical factor is to ensure that the diet contains a balance of nutrients.