Food for thought – performance enhancing supplements

If you’ve followed all the training plans and you’re looking for that extra ‘edge’ it’s tempting to seek out the ‘magic bullet’ that will take those last few seconds off your pace.  There is a long list of substances that are, or have been, promoted as performance improvers; some are legal and others are not; some have scientific evidence of their benefit and others do not.

A word of caution, relating to all supplements, that is prompted by a Food Standards Agency warning received recently.  (The FSA bulletin related to OxyElite Pro and VERSA-1, promoted for weight loss and body building; manufactured and sold in the US but available here via the internet.)  If you decide to buy any supplements, whether dietary or performance related, please ensure that you purchase them from a reputable source.  Internet prices can be very attractive but the larger manufacturers and suppliers, such as the well-known high street names, generally have better and more reliable quality control measures in place.

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