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Friendly bacteria, probiotics and prebiotics – allies or fads?

Bacteria - procaryote - colour

Bacteria are just about everywhere in the environment as well as in, and on, us.  They live throughout the human gut but the greatest concentrations are in the large intestine (bowel) where up to 1000 species of bacteria can be found.

We should aim to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria within the gut.  This balance can be disturbed by a number of factors including antibiotics, stress, poor diet and living conditions, concurrent diseases and allergic reactions.  Probiotics and prebiotics are agents employed in restoring the balance and/or protecting against disruption.

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Food Safety

Food safety and good food hygiene are important in the home as well as in restaurants and other food outlets.

Illnesses that are caused by ‘something I ate’ are all too common.  Micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses and moulds found in food can cause food poisoning, leading to the well-known symptoms of stomach pains, diarrhoea and vomiting.

Contaminated foods will usually look, smell and taste normal, so following a few simple guidelines can help prevent food poisoning affecting you and your family.

Blg 1312 Food Safety

Oat cuisine

I’m often asked what makes a good breakfast.  As with any meal, it should comprise balanced amounts of carbohydrate, fruit / vegetables, protein and fat.  There are many options available to fulfil those criteria however one of the simplest, and most nutritious, is porridge.


Porridge, and oat-based muesli, contains something called oat beta-glucan which is a soluble form of fibre.

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