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Low Carb High Fat diet

full-fat-foodsRunners can store about 2,500kcal in the form of glycogen (i.e. carb) and that will fuel them for about 2 hours of exercise.  Even the leanest athlete carries a reserve of about 50,000kcal as fat, however, so perhaps fat adaptation could be a very useful strategy for endurance events.

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Back to basics

the eatwell plate

A balanced diet is not just about calories; the source of those calories will influence the overall quality of your diet and the true nutritional value.

Ideally we should be aiming for 50% of our calories being provided by carbohydrates, 35% by fats and 15% by protein.  That really isn’t very helpful, when we can’t visualise those calories to start with but there’s a useful Public Health England graphic known as the eatwell plate …

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Food Allergen Labelling

Good news: the Food Standards Agency has announced that an extended allergen labelling system is to be introduced in the UK by mid December.  It will apply to both pre-packed and non pre-packed (loose) foods, i.e. both grocery and restaurant offerings.  Whether the allergens are included or added to the foods they must be referenced on the labelling.

14 allergens

We already have allergen labelling on most pre-packed foods but this will be extended to include these 14 allergens.

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