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Sports Drinks – can’t stomach the sugar?

Sports drinks - not branded

If you’re running in endurance events, you’re going to use a lot of fuel and so you’ll want to take on as many carbs as you can, won’t you?  Most sports drinks and gels are glucose based, which is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream – just where you want it to be available as fuel for your muscles.

FfT 1402 – Can’t stomach the sugar

Fuelling for the big race – carb loading

Are you training for a Spring marathon, or perhaps a slightly shorter race?

As race day approaches you’ll need to think about fuel for your race – how and when to take on the extra carbohydrate fuel that you’ll need.  Don’t leave it to the last minute to make your plans – you’ll need to try out everything before race day.

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Fuelling for the big race

At this time of year you may be training for a Spring race, perhaps a marathon or a shorter distance.  You’ll have a training plan that leads you to increase your mileage and/or put in some speed sessions.  If you are increasing your training mileage you’ll need more energy.  If you are training harder, and for longer, you’ll be increasing the physiological stresses on your body and you need to take precautions against those stresses having adverse effects on your overall health.

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